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May 29, 2023

10 Best Breaking Bad Needle Drops

Breaking Bad was nothing without these needle drops. Centered around Walter

Breaking Bad was nothing without these needle drops.

Centered around Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Breaking Bad is widely considered one of the best television shows of all time, with its intricate storytelling, dynamic characters, and compelling storytelling. However, its memorable needle drops are what really set it apart from other shows. A 'needle drop' is a term used to describe when a song is played in a film or a television show at a particular moment to create an emotional impact or heighten the scene's dramatical effect.

Throughout its five seasons, the Breaking Bad crew has wonderfully executed needle drops to make the show more appealing to the fans and has given the audience one of the most memorable shows ever. Listed below are the ten best needle drops from Breaking Bad.

The first season of Breaking Bad is marked by its slow buildup and carefully maneuvered plot exposure. "Wind' by Cat Stevens is a perfect example of such. The gentle rhythm of the acoustic guitar and the poetic lyrics create an atmosphere of self-reflection.

The track appears in the scene where Walt shaves his head and prepares to confront the criminal drug lord Tuco and his organization with the help of Jesse, to strike a deal with them in order to sell his methamphetamine drug.

"Ozymandias" is widely considered one of the greatest television episodes of all time, and the song by the Limeliters is the main reason why. The track is employed expertly to create an air of irony between the contrasting emotions of the cheery melodies and heartbreaking scenarios.

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Walter's wife and son start hating him, so he takes away the one family member who does. The somber atmosphere throughout the episode, mixed with the ironic melody, makes it one of the greatest ever.

The opening scene of "I.F.T." is a masterclass in how to use music to set the tone for an episode. As Walter's marriage falls apart, and he contemplates suicide, The slow and mournful melody plays in the background, perfectly setting the tone of despair and hopelessness that Walter feels at that moment.

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The lyrics of "Stay on the Outside" and the emotional expression of the actors in the show make it more appealing to the audience, further cementing the fact that Breaking Bad's fame is also relevant because of its use of needle drops.

The track appears in the second season of Breaking Bad in the episode "Over." During this episode, Walt becomes harsher in his dealings with the criminal underworld. And eventually, he makes a choice that will have consequences seen throughout the season.

The driving beat and the vocals of the "DLZ" successfully capture and enhance the atmosphere of the episode. The lyrics "There is no depth to this confusion." and the melody emphasizes the moral dilemma caused by Walter's choices for himself.

In this episode, Walt and Jesse are trying to finalize the deal with the drug distributor (Krazy-8) but become victims of a plot formed to double-cross them. In the end, Walt makes a tough decision to save their business.

The song plays in the ending scene of the episode, where all the characters are going about their business. The melancholy melody in "Out of Time" helps set the tone of uncertainty and danger that the characters are facing.

This episode is noteworthy for its suspenseful plot and phenomenal cinematography. In the episode, Walt and Jesse carry out an operation to eliminate their rival gang once and for all amidst all the escalating tension.

The track appeared at the most pivotal moment in the episode, which helps cement the fact that Breaking Bad's needle drops resonate with the audience on a deeper level.

The opening scene of the episode "Box Cutter" is arguably one of the show's most iconic moments. The track itself, coupled with the intensity of the emotion displayed by the actors, proves why. It perfectly captures the doom and gloom of the moment.

Gus plots to kill Victor because he views him as a liability. However, an unexpected turn of events leads him to kill Victor himself to avoid any loose ends. Enter "Black" by Danger Mouse.

In the premier of the fifth season, Walter turns to extreme measures to free himself from captivity, ultimately leading to a chaotic shootout and escape. Subdued anarchy is at an all-time high in the episode.

"Bonfire" was incorporated into the scene to accurately portray the feeling of an adrenaline rush and chaotic melodrama to produce a visually energetic scene throughout. The cutting-edge music mixed with intriguing story-telling makes it a memorable moment for "Breaking Bad" fans.

Used in a memorable montage sequence in the fifth season episode of "Breaking Bad" titled "Gliding Over All," "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and the Shondells creates a contrast between the lively beat of the song and the morally dark world the characters inhabit.

In the episode, Walter and Jesse's criminal activities weigh on their sense of morality. They are sorting out the assortment of drugs that they have produced. The creators' use of the song in this context also helped to underscore the show's themes of greed, corruption, and the high price of success.

The finale of Breaking Bad is considered one of the best endings to a series ever. The ending shows Walter White admiring his handiwork over the years within the confines of his lab. The somber mood is evident as he goes through the equipment one last time.

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Badfinger's baby blue perfectly captures the mood. The lyrics, such as "I guess I got what I deserved," play a thought-provoking role for the audience as Walter thinks about the consequences of his actions from the beginning of season one.

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