Apr 07, 2023


We know our cannula really well

We know our cannula really well Before moving to IV Cannula let's check first what Infusion therapy involves:-

Infusion therapy involves the administration of medication (I.V. Fluids), through a needle or catheter. Typically, "infusion therapy" means that a drug is administered intravenously or subcutaneously i.e. insertion of medicine, fluid, or blood directly into your bloodstream. Infusion Therapy products help medical professionals to deal with all aspects of I.V. medication infusions. This makes the treatment fast and powerful.

There are many types of IV Cannula the most common one is the IV Cannula with wings and port and we have that cannula under the brand name BIO-FLON. But it totally depends on the market to market, preference to preference. let's see how many types BIo-Med has:-

IV Cannula with a safety feature

Our specially designed Safety I.V. Cannula ensures patient as well as end-user safety from needle-stick injuries. The company with its special technique of siliconization provides a sharp and smooth needle in all products for maximum patient comfort & minimum tissue trauma during usage.

Safety IV Cannula:-

Packaging and sizes:-

We know our cannula really well IV Cannula with a safety feature