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Oct 03, 2023

Threading the needle with purpose

Created for Canada Goose Canada Goose is teaming up with a local Toronto artist,

Created for

Canada Goose

Canada Goose is teaming up with a local Toronto artist, Moya Garrison-Msingwana, to demonstrate the value of upcycled material through a unique, immersive public art installation that celebrates community, craftsmanship and sustainability

These days, as the seasons change and the planet continues to warm, fashion is fast – and often too disposable. With the summer season in full swing, most of us have packed away the heavy parka we’ve been nestled in all winter. But with rapidly changing fashion trends and a continually warming climate, it can be challenging to stay cool and on trend.

The unintended result is more waste—it's a bad habit which Canada Goose intends to nudge consumers in the other direction with its HUMANATURE platform.

HUMANATURE encompasses the brand's values of environmental sustainability, or keeping the planet cold, while keeping the people on it warm with high-quality products, united under a single umbrella of purpose.

In 2019, Canada Goose committed to sourcing more Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFMs) as defined by Textile Exchange: fibres and materials with improved environmental and social sustainability impacts compared to conventional production. Essentially, Canada Goose is incorporating more recycled, organic, and other responsibly sourced materials. It's part of a renewed commitment to the company's established values of sustainability, durability, and comfort.

To help educate Canadians about the human impact on nature and reinforce its sustainability and community-driven purpose, Canada Goose has partnered with local Toronto artist Moya Garrison-Msingwana, to present Stitched in Ages – a unique, immersive, and interactive installation that represents the importance of designing for a lifetime, not just a season.

Inspired by both Canada Goose and Garrison-Msingwana's shared values of craftsmanship and sustainability, the large-scale installation consists of five seven-foot-tall figures. Each figure is brought to life using upcycled Canada goose materials of the highest quality and is artfully positioned within North Orchard Park at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre to reflect the importance of humans’ impact on the environment and a sense of wonderment we experience while exploring nature.

"Stitched in Ages is a branching out from my LAUNDRY series of paintings," says Garrison-Msingwana. "My work explores the human body intertwining with fabric and various textiles as an illusionary extension of a persona."

The installation serves as a visual representation of Canada Goose's purpose in action, with Garrison-Msingwana's figures serving as an embodiment of the company's lifelong commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship and their products’ legendary durability.

Stitched in Ages takes place from June 6 to 26 in North Orchard Park at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre. For more information on Canada Goose's HUMANATURE platform, visit

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