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Jun 08, 2023

10 Best Boob Tapes To Suit Every Breast Size and Outfit Choice

Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from

Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

Stash these in your vanity and never again worry about sliding straps that peek through and ruin your look.

It's time to talk boob tape. If you've never used it before, now's the time, because it's an absolute game changer whether you're sporting a slinky, strapless dress to a wedding or want a bit more coverage when you're at a public pool or beach. Yes, really!

Boob tape is a versatile must-have in every wardrobe to help lift, shape, and support chests of all sizes, and most options are super easy to customize based on what you're wearing. Plenty are even waterproof and/or sweat-resistant, which means you can dance the night away or go for a dip in the water and keep things concealed.

How does it work, exactly? Similar to sticky bras, boob tape is a fabric strip that comes with adhesive backing, so you can stick it on and forget it's there. You can go for a clear version or match your skin tone, and chests of all sizes can find the perfect fit that looks and feels great on any body type—something bra wearers know is typically no easy feat.

You'll want to apply boob tape to clean, dry skin, and a nipple cover isn't a bad idea to prevent any painful situations when you go to remove it. Using some warm water and your favorite body oil (or even Aquaphor or Vaseline!) can also help make the removal process easier, especially if you've got particularly dry or sensitive skin.

Snag a bunch from our list of the top picks and stash 'em away so you've got plenty on hand whenever the occasion calls for them.

Have a big occasion coming up this weekend and you're suddenly in need of some extra lift and coverage? No sweat. With Prime shipping, you'll have this top-rated tape in hand pronto.

Not only can you choose between basic strips or a kit (which includes reusable silicone nipple covers), this breathable, waterproof tape comes in multiple hues and works for all chest sizes.

This wallet-friendly pick is also editor-approved, with Oprah Daily's creative director, Adam Glassman, loving it for its ability to contour and lift while staying put. "I recently went to a bridal fitting with someone, and this tape worked wonders!" he shared. Snag it in one of four shades—each unit comes with a pair of nipple covers for extra modesty and protection.

This nylon medical-grade adhesive tape wins big points for being sweat-resistant and waterproof, which means you can swim, exercise, or dance the night away without worry. Reviewers praise it for staying put even during hot, humid celebrations.

This tape comes in a 16.5-foot roll, so you can cover large surface areas with ease. It's also waterproof, sweat-resistant, and hypoallergenic, designed with stretch to feel comfortable without moving an inch. As one five-star shopper put it: "This is the golden standard for breast tape. Once you stick it down, it will not budge. It lasts through a night out at a sweaty packed club and your daily errands if you decide to go braless under a white tank."

Boasting an ergonomic design and an anti-allergenic silicone lining, this tape will support up to G cups seamlessly, and each kit comes with five pairs of satin breast petals for comfort and protection. Hundreds of five-star reviews praise this pick. "I was very skeptical of this product," admitted one buyer. "I planned to wear it under a dress for a summer wedding in 100 degree heat. I was worried it wouldn't work if I was sweating.....I was very wrong! This product stayed on and held everything together/up nicely. I would highly recommend to anyone I know."

Adam Glassman's rec also comes in clear for the ultimate in discreet, no-show support and coverage. This kit includes four pairs of cup-shaped tape so you can go backless and braless without worry. This pick is best for smaller chest sizes.

Large chests need extra support, and this four-pack surely delivers. With five pre-cut options, cup sizes from 32A to 30K are covered, and reviewers of all ages and body types are loving this waterproof, breathable, and invisible hemp/nylon blend tape.

Gone are the days of trying to figure out how you can comfortably wear that slinky strapless or braless look, because this kit has it all. Boasting an eight-hour wear time, this one is a customizable, choose-your-own-adventure buy, allowing you to pick between various breast sizes, colors, and adhesive levels for the perfect fit to suit your exact needs.

Available in black, white, brown, or beige, this no-fuss, no-frills option is super stretchy and breathable, and it's also latex-free, which means it's ideal for sensitive skin types. A blend of cotton, spandex, adhesive, and acrylic, you'll put it on and forget it's there whether you're hitting the pool or the dance floor.

When you don't want to fuss with cutting and adjusting to find the perfect coverage, this teardrop-shaped pick will do the trick. Offering support for cup sizes up to DDDD/G, five skin-colored shades and a medical-grade cotton-spandex blend equals invisible breathability no matter the occasion. Each pack includes three single-use pairs and three pairs of nipple covers, and it's sweat-proof and waterproof to boot.

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