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Apr 12, 2023

85 Cool Things That Don't Cost A Lot On Amazon

For most people, budgeting and adulting go hand-in-hand. When you plan out your

For most people, budgeting and adulting go hand-in-hand. When you plan out your spending ahead of time, you ensure that your bills get paid and your fridge gets stocked — but without fail, there are always some unplanned, unexpected purchases that pop up out of nowhere. Gifts usually fit into that category. (No one starts their year out with the thought, "I better set aside some money to get a porcelain butter dish for my mother-in-law.") That said, purchases for other people don't have to tank your whole budget. Cue these cheap gifts on Amazon that reviewers swear by.

Don't be fooled, though; cheap doesn't have to mean low-quality. In fact, some of these gifts look a lot more expensive than they are — and even more important than their appearance is their level of practicality. When something is thoughtful and actually serves a purpose, the recipient will use it over and over again, regardless of the price tag. In my experience, even people who are hard to buy for can't resist a useful present.

So whether you're shopping for the holidays, someone's birthday, or a last-minute housewarming party, don't let a few gifts throw off your entire annual budget. These 86 ideas are thoughtful, smart, and affordable all at the same time.

Before now, you had two options: settle for a dark picture, or use the flash and get creepy eyes. Cue the XINBAOHONG selfie light, which is rechargeable, has three brightness levels, and clips onto any phone without damage. Best of all, it costs just $7. "I am loving all my selfies now," one reviewer wrote. "Perfect lighting all the time."

Improve core strength while easily incorporating this into any workout. The Aduro Sport balance board is durable, lightweight, portable, and has a non-slip design that supports up to 300 pounds. It makes a "great addition" to any recipient's "home gym."

"This was a gift for my dad and he loves them," one reviewer wrote about these MOLDERP glasses fasteners, which slip onto the arm of any pair to prevent them from sliding down your face. They come in both black and transparent, and they're made from soft, stretchy silicone to prevent scratching and discomfort.

Thanks to its brilliant rotating design, every outlet can be used simultaneously on this Monoprice power strip — even when you plug in bulky power adapters. It's also grounded and surge-protected, which is why it offers "adequate protection and good value," according to reviewers.

Since these trays are made from flexible silicone, you won't crack them while trying to remove cubes. Instead, the ice pops right out. The set even comes with BPA-free lids to prevent leaks should the trays tip before they're frozen, so it's a no-brainer for someone without an ice maker.

This cute, retractable keychain fits most standard lip balm tubes and effortlessly clips onto your bag or keys. That way, the chapstick addict never again has to go searching. Colors ship randomly, and reviewers call them the "best invention ever. I am no longer buying multiple chapsticks due to losing them!"

The Simple Modern Summit water bottle has all the best features: a vacuum-insulated interior to preserve the temperature for hours, a powder-coated exterior that won't sweat, a wide mouth for ice and easy cleaning, and a leak-proof lid with a handle. Since it comes in dozens of colors, patterns, and designs, you can grab one for everyone on your list.

Streamline their mornings or their post-gym routines. The Oster blender creates single-person smoothies, protein drinks, and shakes straight in the to-go cup, so they can just blend, grab, and go — and there's no massive blender jar waiting for them in the sink when they get home.

The HyperChiller won't dilute iced coffee with melted cubes; that's because the patented design chills liquid from all angles with its separate ice chambers — and it works in just 60 seconds. Reviewers also love that it's dishwahser-safe, BPA-free, and convenient.

Know someone who's always hot? This personal air conditioner infuses moving air with ice-cold moisture particles to keep things coo. It's also lightweight and portable, so you can use it anywhere, from your bedroom to the office.

Forget rubbing two sticks together. The Radiate portable campfire lights up in a snap and offers three hours of burn time, all without odors, embers, or excessive soot. It also comes in a covered tin, so the survivalist or camper can bring it anywhere.

With the LifeStraw personal filter, your favorite traveler can drink from international faucets, streams, and other questionable water sources. As you sip, it filters out 99.99 percent of bacteria, parasites, and unwanted chemicals — and it's made from all BPA-free materials.

You'd never know by looking at it, but this beanie from XIKEZAN keeps your head warm and plays your favorite music directly into your ears. That's because it's designed with Bluetooth capabilities and a rechargeable battery — and it even comes with free gloves.

Reviewers say their old sweaters, socks, yoga pants, and even couches look "like new" after using the Beautural fabric shaver to remove any lint and pilling. It's battery-operated and has two speeds — and most importantly, the protective screen prevents the automatic blades from causing any damage.

The Do Not Forget organizer hangs on your front door knob, so you have a place to put your keys, sunglasses, and wallet as soon as you walk in the house. That way, when it's time to hit the road again, everything is right there in front of your face, so you'll never forget the essentials.

Unlike your average eye mask, this one from Zomaple is filled with flexible, temperature-retaining gel beads. As a result, it's a go-to solution for those with headaches, puffy eyes, and sinus pressure. It's fully adjustable and even comes with a storage pouch and three free e-books.

Using its removable, water-resistant adhesive, the ToiletTree mirror attaches to your shower or bath wall. It then offers a fog-resistant reflective surface for shaving, grooming, plucking, washing, or exfoliation. It's also shatterproof and comes with a squeegee.

When wet, the Konjac root transforms into a soft, cake-like consistency that's great for washing and gentle exfoliation. These six sponges are made from natural Konjac, but they're also infused with ingredients like charcoal, green tea, and turmeric to boost their skin-pampering abilities.

Similar sonic brushes can run you upwards of $100, but this full-body one from PIXNOR costs just $20. It's also waterproof, has five interchangeable heads, and offers both high and low speeds for different uses and skin sensitivities.

"Seriously, How did I live without this?" one reviewer asked. The Jersey Slumber sleep mask is made from real silk, so it blocks out light without irritating the skin or putting pressure on the eyes — especially since it's adjustable.

Pack shoes away in gym bags, suitcases, and commuter backpacks — all without damaging the rest of your things. These SPIKG travel shoe bags are made from a waterproof material, have a convenient drawstring and transparent window, and come in two sizes.

"Hands down the best wireless headphones I’ve had," one reviewer wrote. "The sound is comparable to my apple iPods and my beats headphones." SoundPEATS Bluetooth earbuds have over 3,500 reviews because they're lightweight, rechargeable, comfortable, easy to pair, and sound great.

Thanks to its 10,400mAh battery and dual USB ports, the Mogix external power bank charges two devices at once when there are no outlets in sight. It also fits easily in a pocket, commuter bag, or suitcase, so it's no wonder it has over a thousand five-star ratings.

Elderly buyers, those with limited movement, pregnant people, and self-proclaimed lazy showerers love this foot scrubber. It attaches to your tub or shower floor using suction cups, so you can then brush your feet against the soft silicone bristles for a thorough cleanse and pleasant massage — all without bending down.

Made from soft, flexible, medical-grade gel, these gem-shaped separators comfortably spread your toes to help realign feet and ease pain. "This is something that everyone should have," one reviewer wrote. "Arthritis, lower back pain, vein problems, [bunions], hammer toes, and the list goes on."

For the person with wanderlust, this pantheon toiletry organizer offers an elegant yet practical way to store their essentials on the go. It's made from canvas material and offered in four colors — and the various pockets and hanging design ensure usefulness as well as style.

"If they were selling this for 10x the price it’d still be worth it in my eyes," one reviewer raved about the Waterpik flosser — and there are thousands more where that came from. Using an adjustable stream of water, this device flosses between teeth and up against gums for a dentist-level clean without the pain or inconvenience.

If you're throwing together a spa basket, you can't afford to miss this Rikans foot file. It's a number-one best seller because it uses a large, stainless steel filing surface to effortlessly slough off old, rough skin. "My heels have never been softer," reviewers rave.

According to reviewers, these soft silicone bristles feel like "heaven in [their] hand" — all while removing product build-up and boosting circulation. The Maxsoft scalp massager is also waterproof and works well to boost the cleansing properties of your favorite shampoo.

Because it's lightweight and translucent, Airspun loose face powder helps to lock in your look without impacting the look of your foundation — but it also comes various shades if you'd rather enhance it. Reviewers write, "I am totally blown away by this product! [...] By the end of my work day using this powder, my face is still very matte!"

At $5 a tube, buyers "didn't expect much" from Lash Princess mascara — but now they're "obsessed." That's because it defines, separates, and lengthens lashes while lasting all day long. It's also flake-resistant and cruelty-free.

Since it's packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, TruSkin serum aims to improve tone, boost collagen production, and deeply hydrate skin. Given its best-selling status and great ingredients, reviewers say it's the "best $20.00 ever spent" because "the results are unbelievable."

Whether they've got a gel lamp at home or they're trying to remove the stubborn residue from their last salon manicure, the MelodySusie drill makes it easy with an automatic file and various interchangeable heads. Despite the powerful 20,000 RPMs, it's handheld, relatively quiet, and low heat.

"I have owned a bunch of actual Beauty Blenders. These makeup sponges are REAL Beauty Blender dupes," one reviewer wrote. Other buyers agree: these BEAKEY makeup sponges are just as soft, non-absorbent, and easy to use — but you get five for less than half the price of the original.

Match hilarious phrases and prompts to your favorite internet memes and win the judge's favor. What Do You Meme? is not at all safe for work, but it's a great gift for the person who communicates in pictures of dogs, politicians, and stock photos. One reviewer wrote, "We couldn't breathe from laughing so hard!"

Making tiny holes in your skin might seem counter-intuitive, but reviewers say their complexion "has never looked better." That's because this derma-roller has 540 titanium micro-needles that cause a rush of healing collagen and a circulation boost, both of which help skin to look plump and healthy.

No more mud under their nails and residue all over their clothes. These silicone brushes are designed to simplify face-mask applications. Their tapered shape is ideal for scooping and spreading, while the non-porous material washes clean and won't absorb the mask.

At the height of their online popularity, Cyanide & Happiness created Joking Hazard — a finish-the-comic game that has reviewers raving, "I have never laughed so hard at a card game." It's definitely NSFW, but buyers say, "If you have a dark, raunchy sense of humor this is a must for your collection!"

"This was a gift for my pimple popper friend," one reviewer wrote. "She told me it works great." Best of all, the BESTOPE extraction kit is made from easy-to-sanitize stainless steel, so it's way more hygienic than using your fingernails. It comes with five double-sided tools and a storage case.

For the person who hasn't quite mastered multitasking and that wrist-twisting motion, there's the Revlon One-Step. This genius tool directs hot air out through the barrel and in between the bristles, so it dries and styles while you brush. No wonder reviewers call it a "game-changer."

Mud masks, hair pastes, homemade deodorant, bug bite remedies, teeth whitening powder — reviewers have used this Indian healing clay in just about any DIY beauty recipe you can think of. It currently has 15,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating because it's affordable, versatile, and contains only pure calcium Bentonite.

"Whoever designed these has clearly done a lot of grocery shopping," one reviewer wrote about these Creative Green bags. They're sturdy and eco-friendly because they replace disposable plastic, but they also stand up straight for easy packing and fold flat when it's time to store them away.

The Lamicall cell phone stand has a 4.8-star rating and over 12,000 reviews. It's a convenient way to hold virtually any device while you're consulting a recipe, making a hands-free call, or watching a movie — and it even has a cord cut-out for charging. Get it in five metal finishes.

Spherical ice looks awesome in a tumbler glass — but it's also more practical. Thanks to the surface area, it melts more slowly and cools more quickly than standard cubes. This silicone mold from Housewares Solutions makes four at a time and it won't leak or crack, either.

The Sipcaddy uses a sturdy suction cup that attaches to your tub, so your bath wine is always within reach. But wait! It also has a raised rim to hold shampoo upside-down — or, even better, your beer can while you're in the shower.

Crafted with thick, supportive memory foam, the Sleepy Ride foot rest lets you put your feet up virtually anywhere. It's designed to attach to the seat in front of you on an airplane, but buyers also say it works great in cars or under their work desks, too.

This dimmable, touch-activated lamp is great for bedside reading or mood lighting. Use soothing white light, choose between an extensive selection of shades, or allow it to cycle through a rainbow of colors.

No power scrubber? No problem. These $10 brushes attach to virtually all standard handheld drills, so you can deep-clean your home (and yard) at the press of a button. They come in your choice of six color-coded stiffnesses, so you can scrub everything from leather to commercial grills.

Because they're made from special compression material, these socks boost circulation and reduce swelling in the feet, ankles, and calves. As a result, runners, nurses, avid travelers, pregnant people, and construction workers all agree: "My legs and feet have never felt better."

When it's not in use, this brilliant invention serves as a silicone ice mold that stores in your freezer. When it's time to party, just remove the internal sleeve, squeeze the bucket, and watch as it fills up with ice. Put your favorite wine bottle in, and you're good to go.

Hang it from your tent, hotel closet, or the towel bar in your own bathroom. The Relavel toiletry bag has various unfolding sections that, when hung vertically, allow access to all your essentials at once. It comes in nine colors and saves anyone some serious counter space.

Gamers everywhere say that this headset hanger is both "functional and beautiful." It provides a safe, accessible home for your gaming headphones, but it also gives you three new USB ports for charging your devices and powering your desktop accessories.

If they're short on desk space, the Anchor from Elevation Lab maximizes storage in an unexpected way. It attaches to the underside of any desk or table using a strong adhesive, so you can store two pairs of headphones at once. (Reviewers have also used it for purses, cords, and reusable water bottles.)

Travelers, campers, absentminded students, and people who work out in the field will all appreciate the magic that is these Rite In The Rain notepads. They're entirely waterproof and still work when covered in grease, dirt, sweat, and moisture — plus they come in eight colors.

In my opinion, any kitchen would benefit from these universal bowl covers — and reviewers agree: "This is now a staple for everyday use." They're made from heat-resistant silicone and use suction to create a seal over almost any bowl, cup, glass, or storage container. You can even use them to stop splatters in the microwave.

Prevent accidental burns and scars with these oven rack protectors. They're 14 inches long and made from BPA-free, heat-resistant silicone, so they keep your arms safe while you're grabbing those cookies or that casserole from the oven. They're also easy to clean and even easier to install.

If they can't seem to keep their matching socks together, the SockDock is a total "game-changer," according to reviewers. Simply hang it over the closet doorknob and add pairs of socks as you finish wearing them. Then, when it's time for laundry day, they go through the washer and dryer — without ever getting separated.

When you're at home, this mat sits on your countertop to protect it against your straightener or curling iron. When it's time to pack up and go, it transforms into a pouch, so you can throw your hot tools into your suitcase without even waiting for them to cool off. Choose between six different colors.

No matter what style they're going for, the BESTOPE wand set helps them achieve it with one versatile, well-made tool. It comes with five interchangeable barrels, all made from frizz-reducing, rose-gold ceramic tourmaline. "[Five] wands for the price of one. Super fast heat up, gets very hot, and stays hot, so it takes less time to curl hair," one reviewer wrote.

"Great way to organize your plastic bags," one reviewer wrote, while another said, "I'm shocked at the quality of the Bag Bag." This drawstring storage solution allows you to load in plastic bags from the top and grab one at a time from the bottom. It also comes in a ton of really cute designs.

Nothing says "I know what I'm doing" like a versatile cast-iron pot, so this one's a great gift for the aspiring chef. Even though it's pre-seasoned and sturdy, the Dutch oven from Lodge costs significantly less than competitors. Reviewers say it's "amazing and makes everything [they] cook taste even better."

Available in eight different colors and patterns, this heated throw from Sunbeam fends off that chill to keep the recipient warm and cozy. It's woven from a plush microfiber and has automatic sensors that deliver even, consistent warmth with three different heat intensities.

"I just got this as my father's day gift from my family and it works great!" one reviewer wrote. The FlePow trimmer has a rounded head that effortlessly and painlessly gets rid of unwanted hair in the nose or ears. It's also battery-operated and waterproof for use anywhere.

Keep the cold in, the sweat out, and the beer cans clearly marked. These QualityPerfection cooler sleeves come in a 12-set of six different colors. Reviewers say they're easy to personalize and great for parties.

The Kuhn Rikon auto safety opener doesn't just work on cans — it also works on jars, bottles, stubborn tabbed lids, and beer. While people say it's a "kitchen MUST-HAVE" across the board, it's especially great for those with limited movement: "My mother has terrible arthritis and new thumb joints and she can easily use this opener."

Wherever you need a little color, this tint kit makes fast and easy work of covering grays or roots — but reviewers also use it to emphasize brows and fill in beards. The pre-measured capsules transform into an easy-to-apply cream formula, which (unlike powder) creates color that lasts for weeks at a time.

"I was completely skeptical of this product," one reviewer wrote, but "it worked like magic! [...] I'm now buying these for all my gifts for friends and MIL, etc." Just wet it, and the PleasingCare towel uses its special microfiber material to wipe away all traces of makeup, without waste and without harsh removers.

"Best I’ve ever used," reviewers write about the L'Oréal Paris Makeup Unlimited Lash mascara. The formula itself is waterproof and resistant to flaking, smudging, and clumping — but the brush is especially revolutionary. It's flexible, tapered, and has two positions to coat lashes thoroughly without any mess.

Why are people raving about a pillowcase? Because it's made from real Mulberry silk, which prevents friction, breakage, overheating, and dryness. "Very gentle on my hair and skin - I have noticed a difference even from my satin pillowcase," one reviewer wrote. "A very deserved upgrade." Get it in six sizes and dozens of colors.

Your favorite scrunchie fan will have every single color at their disposal with this 40-piece set from Mcupper. Each one has a flexible rubber interior and a silky smooth satin fabric on the outside, both of which prevent damage and creasing while offering a reliable hold.

The eco-friendly friend or the thoughtful sketcher will love these genius pencils. They're made with lead-free graphite and "write smoothly," but once they're too short to use, just stick them in some dirt and they'll sprout into various herbs and flowers.

While in the tube, this Pretty Diva lipstick looks like a flower suspended in clear jelly — but when applied, it uses the temperature of your lips to change into either Barbie Pink or Flame Red. Buyers say it's cute, hydrating, and oh-so-satisfying.

A number-one best seller in the teacups category, the Sweese porcelain infuser mug helps you brew your favorite tea in one elegant container. The lid doubles as a coaster and has a fine-hole, stainless steel infuser attached to it. It also comes in over 10 colors. Needless to say, reviewers wish they "could give it [five] more stars."

Thousands of reviewers depend on the GreaterGoods digital scale to weigh and portion their foods down to the gram. It has four precision sensors that buyers call "a must-have" for baking, home brewing, meal-prep, and Keto diets — and it's under $10.

These Mpow Bluetooth headphones are proof that you don't need to drop $60 for a great pair. They're available in four colors and offer up to 18 hours of comfortable, wire-free listening through hi-fi stereo drivers. They even have a wired option and a mic for hands-free calls.

A facial for any type of skin day — that's what you're gifting someone when you opt for the DERMAL 39-pack sheet mask set. This K-Beauty brand infuses pre-cut felt with vitamin E, collagen, and various botanical ingredients to suit all kinds of skin concerns.

Thanks to the faux-leather accents and canvas fabric (which is available in three colors), this Puersit backpack has a vintage, minimalist appearance — but it has a few high-tech surprises, too. The 3-D honeycomb straps lessen stress on the shoulders, the extensively tested zippers are made for ease and durability, and the external battery plug-in allows you to charge your phone while you're on the go.

Slice, serve, and display cheese on a chic marble surface. The Fox Run cheese slicer is a sophisticated gift for the cheese lover. Since it's made from real marble, it looks way more expensive than it is — and the replacement wires are made from stainless steel that effortlessly cuts through any variety.

Set lamps to automatic timers. Start the coffee machine from bed. Turn off the straightening iron once you've already left the house. These Etekcity smart plugs sit between the outlet and your devices so you can control them with your phone or voice.

They'll assume you dropped way more on these eye-catching crystal whiskey glasses — but in actuality, a set of four costs just $20. They're made from premium lead-free glass, and the set even comes with free coasters.

"Both beautiful and delicious," Teabloom flowering tea comes with 12 varieties to make up to 250 cups. When used with a glass pot, you can watch as the tea transforms into a bouquet as it steeps. Needless to say, it's a unique and tasty gift for the tea lover.

This faux-sheepskin throw instantly elevates any couch or arm chair — or you can use it as an area rug thanks to the suede lining. Reviewers say it's "silky soft" and creates "easy Pinterest-worthy decor," plus it "holds up great to frequent washing."

Help someone save on their energy bill and prevent accidental stubbed toes. These URPOWER motion-sensing lights use a magnetic strip to adhere to closets, cabinets, staircases, and bathroom walls. They detect your presence up to 10 feet away using infrared technology, and a set of three costs just $22.

Keep their hands warm and their phone adequately charged with this two-in-one power bank. It has a 5,200mAh external battery that also heats up for use as a hand warmer in cold weather. Buyers love that it "easily fits in the palm of your hand" and comes in a ton of cool colors.

For the chef or entertainer, you've got these chic, stainless steel automatic grinders. The set includes one for salt, one for pepper, and a sophisticated carrying stand — and all you have to do is choose your coarseness, turn it over, and press the button.

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